Thurleigh Airfield

306th Bombardment Group Museum

On 9th October 1942, a formation of B17 Flying Fortresses left Thurleigh Airfield, for what was to be the first of 341 daylight bombing missions over occupied Europe.  This new museum opened on July 27th 2002, in celebration of the lives of over 8000 Americans who passed through the baser, and of the local community  in which they lived.

Displays have been assembled on many aspects of life in North Bedfordshire during the war years, including features on the Royal Air Force, the Home Front and the wartime home.  There is also a small chapel area where visitors can reflect quietly on the sacrifices that were made.

The museum is sited on the ex-R.A.E. airfield, on part of the field now known as Bedford Autodrome.  Entrance is via the airfield main gate, directions will be given on entry.

We plan to open in March 2003. Details to be published at a later date.

Parties may be catered for by appointment.

There is an admission charge.

For further information please contact Ralph Franklin on 01234 708715